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FREE Shipping on $100+ | Same Day Shipping | Next-Day Delivery | 180-Day Warranty
10 reasons why you should buy refurbished DigiTrak transmitter

10 reasons why you should buy refurbished DigiTrak transmitter

If you are looking to purchase an horizontal directional drilling HDD locating equipment for your business or company, it may be worth considering a refurbished DigiTrak® and Subsite® transmitters or sondes. And below are 10 solid reasons that explain why;

1. Savings

One of the most basic reasons to go for a refurbished item over a new is the fact that you stand to save more money when you buy a refurbished transmitter instead of a new one. How much money you save will largely depend on the model number and locator. However, for starters, you can save around 40 to 60% more.

2. 180-day industry-leading warranty

PilotTrack™ refurbished DigiTrak®, and Subsite® transmitters offer one of the best warranties in the whole industry. Owing to their superior testing and manufacturing process, we can proudly say that we can guarantee you of excellent quality sondes and transmitters. Our warranty ensures that you are covered for a period of 180 days when you purchase PilotTrak™.

3. Risk-free purchase

We offer a no strings attached return policy, and we promise to refund you in full if for some reason you are not wholly satisfied with the quality of any of our transmitter. Simply return the item in 30 days and well give you a full refund – that simple!

4. Legacy DigiTrak® and Subsite® equipment

Most manufacturers will often withdraw support for their equipment, leaving contractors stranded with an unsupported locating equipment. Likewise, locators like Subsite Tracker 750, DigiTrak Mark III®, Mark IV®, Mark V® and DigiTrak Eclipse are no longer being produced, and contracts can no longer purchase transmitters for the models mentioned above. Moving forward you are left with three options, which are purchasing a new equipment and transmitter which is priced above $20,000. Or buying a used transmitter without a warranty, and lastly, buying one of our cutting-edge transmitters that comes with a 180-day warranty.

5. Hedge against obsolescence

It is not news that locating equipment hardware are updated and improved frequently. Thus, newer upgrades will prompt you to ditch the outdated older models. Thus, purchasing a refurbished rather than new transmitter can considerably save you more money during this switch.

6. Maintaining compatibility

Most HDD contractors are mandated by certain policies to maintain the exact model of locating equipment. However, if there is ever a need to replace a damaged DigiTrak® or Subsite® transmitter or add a new model, it can be very hard to find the exact old legacy transmitter.

7. Reliability

'Never purchase the first version of anything' is an old tech saying that encourages you to not buy the first release of any product as it is almost bound to be marred by errors since it hasn’t really undergone a real-life test. Most times, second and third releases are usually the most stable. Likewise, our refurbished transmitters have undergone real-life tests on the field. Also, all refurbished PilotTrak™ transmitter comes with a 180-day warranty beginning from the date of purchase.

8. Next-day replacement

We are aware of the heartbreak of a downtime. Thus, if for any reason you encounter any problems with any of our refurbished DigiTrak® and Subsite® transmitters within the 180-day warranty period, we will have another one shipped to you the next day. You do not need to hassle us over the phone, simply create a new ticket via your computer or smartphone, and in a matter of minutes, we will have a return label and replacement headed to your location.

9. Minimize Loss

If you have a number of directional drilling rigs or purchasing a computer, or if your transmitters are going to be constantly put through tough conditions, then it perfectly makes sense to purchase a refurbished and cheaper transmitter. This will ensure that when it gets ran over or buried in the ground; it won’t hurt as much.

While it may not always be the spot-on choice to go for a refurbished transmitter, however, there are several other reasons why you should go for them ahead of new and expensive sondes. Their significantly lower cost is already a good enough reason to give a refurbished transmitter some serious thought.

10. Sustainability

Every time you opt to buy a refurbished transmitter, you are helping to reduce the ever-increasing volume of e-waste being produced annually. Once you purchase a refurbished sonde, you will have contributed to removing one less equipment from the ever-mounting e-waste dump.

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