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FREE Shipping on $100+ | Same Day Shipping | Next-Day Delivery | 180-Day Warranty
FREE Shipping on $100+ | Same Day Shipping | Next-Day Delivery | 180-Day Warranty

Transmitter Warranty

180-Day Warranty

The warranties on PilotTrack refurbished DigiTrak® and Subsite® transmitters are one of the best in the industry. Because of our quality remanufacturing processes and our rigorous product testing, we have confidence in the quality of our transmitters and sondes. Thanks to our warranties, you can too. PilotTrak has you covered with warranties up to 180 days.

PilotTrack is proud to offer you the best warranty in the HDD industry on our rebuild DigiTrak® and Subsite® transmitters. Unlike other warranties that offer only 100 days of coverage at most, PilotTrack transmitters are guaranteed for full 180 days. The warranty covers every part and working component of your transmitters, from the electronics to the enclosure. If anything is found to be defective under normal operating conditions during the warranty period, we'll repair or replace it, free of charge and with next-day delivery.

Warranty starting point

The warranty starts from the moment the sonde is received. All sondes are delivered with the statement of transfer and acceptance — it is the warranty certificate. Do not worry if your warranty certificate is lost, we keep records of all sondes and we know the date you have received it.

Warranty exclusions

We kindly remind you that there are warranty exclusions in case the sonde was affected in one of the following ways:

    • compression in the boring head
    • overheating
    • use of improper feed elements with high voltage
    • independent repair (you should not do that!)

The warranty excludes everything which does not depend on us. We have recommendations of how to prevent oxidation.<./p>

What if your equipment is a failure

Firstly, let the location operator email to us: One third of all “weird” cases of location behavior is resolved after consultation and not considered to be faulty. Such behavior may be caused by improper use and exclusion of external factors, or by other specificity in operation of location and the sonde.

In case our advice did not help, send your sonde to us for testing and immediately send another repaired one to you.