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Refurbished 5XD 19/12 8 inch Transmitter for DigiTrak F5®

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DigiTrak F5 Sonde Specification:

Compatible Locators DigiTrak F5®
Pitch 0.1%
Depth 40ft
18650 Lithium
Length 8.0 inch
Width 1.0 inch


Our Refurbished Digitrak® 5XD 19/12 kHz 8 inch transmitter is compatible with the DigiTrak F5® locator used for horizontal directional drilling. The sonde features dual-frequency capability, pitch readings in 0.1%, and depth up to 30 ft.  Other compatible F5 dual and single-frequency transmitters include 5XD 12/1.3FX 12, FX 19, FXL 12 and FXL 19.

The frequency can be switched above or below ground. After the 5XD 19/12 sonde has been powered on, the operating frequency of the transmitter can be changed two different ways: the pitch method is completed with the transmitter above ground, and the below-ground roll method is completed with the sonde installed in the drill head. To quickly change to a new frequency, use Digitrak® F5 receiver and select Transmitter Selection Menu to pick the appropriate frequency. 

All transmitters include an internal digital thermometer. The temperature displays on the bottom right of the F5 receiver and remote display screens. Be sure to check the proper functionality and complete calibration of your 5XD transmitter before each bore.

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