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Introducing Underground Magnetics Mag 9 Locator System

Introducing Underground Magnetics Mag 9 Locator System

Underground Magnetics released the new flag-ship locator model - Mag 9. The new model offers all the same powerful features and tech the Mag 8 offered, but with a brand new color display and the new advanced operating system.

The Mag 9 locator features 16 frequency design including sub-kilohertz spectrum and the range between .0325 kHz - 41 kHz. It is backwards-compatible with all the older model transmitters, and new models like Echo 50x. Like previous models, you can operate on two transmitter power modes: High and Normal. This locating system paired with long range transmitter can reach as deep as 361 ft on High Power Mode.

The new Mag 9 colored display features larger and brighter image to help you navigate on a bright sunny day. It includes build-in Data-Logging with simplified and easy export options. The display features 7 inch Touch Screen powered by Android Operating System. The Mag 9 remote display comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and is rated waterproof IP65.

Undergrounds Magnetics Mag 9 Specification:

System Frequency 16 Frequencies, .325kHz - 41kHz
Compatible Transmitter Echo X-Mini / Echo 50 / Echo 50x / Echo 70 / Echo 90 / Echo 110
Temperature Range -4oF to 140oF (-20oC to 60oC)
Radio Frequency 915 MHz
Telemetry 4 Radio Channels with range
up to 3,000 ft. (900m)
Power Rechargeable Lithium battery 12.5V
Battery Life Up to 50 hours
Dimensions 29” x 9” x 13”
(73.5 cm x 23 cm x 33 cm)
Weight 8.5 lbs. (3.85 kg)
Waterproof IP65
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